Cassandra Clare’s “City of Ashes”


City of Ashes
Three and a Half out of Five Stars



I’m not going to go too into detail with this review since I did with the first book on all the characters.

First off, I will address the issue of Simon being a vampire now. At first, this made me go “UHG!” because I am so over vampires after Twilight. Though Simon is a soft vampire, who still retains a lot of his humanity, I think the author did a nice job of not ruining it. I did like the ending on Valentine’s boat and what happened to Simon. No spoilers, but it was a nice twist to his development.

On the issue of Simon and Clary’s short-lived romance, my first response was “NOOOO!” I wanted them to be together so badly that I felt like I could reach inside the book and kick Simon for breaking up with her, though I understood why, which made me want to kick Clary instead. He couldn’t be with her because she’s in love with someone else…her brother! That alone gave me a weird feeling every time Jace and Clary had a “moment” together. If it doesn’t turn out that they’re not actually brother and sister, I’m going to be skeeved and pissed.

I still don’t like Jace much. He can’t pull off the smart-mouth to make it charming, as Simon does. Clary still frustrates me with most of the decisions she makes, but at least she means well. Luke has revealed himself to be a werewolf and that he’s in love with Jocelyn, which I’m sure we all knew already, but I felt a relief for him when he got that off his chest. Alec and Magnus are still dancing around their feelings for each other. I wish Alec would just get over the fact that he’s gay, not care what his family thinks, and date the poor Warlock already. I am starting to really love Magnus. I want to see him happy.

I would say the main reason I had to give this one a 3.5/5 stars is because of the relationship/not relationship/brother and sister thing going on between Jace and Clary. It’s just weird. I can’t believe he actually suggested they be together and not tell anyone AFTER he finds out she’s his sister! When I read that I was like, “WHAT THE @#$%”

And that is my short review of “City of Ashes” by Cassandra Clare. I’ve already started the next book in the series, “City of Glass”, so expect that review shortly!

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