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Creatures & Beings of “Broken Angel”

lamia The first supernatural being Kamlyn Paige encounters is the cloaked, haggard figure who murders her son in the middle of the night. She is not sure if she really saw the being or if she was imagining things.




black dog The next supernatural creature Kamlyn comes in contact with is a Black Dog, which is a malevolent apparition often associated with the foretelling of death.





Redcap A Redcap is a humanoid creature with long talon fingers and the face of a disfigured old man. They like to murder traveling victims by bashing their heads in and then they dye their hats with the blood.








tumblr_nissosHeLj1u95rzmo1_1280 A Shtriga is a type of vampyric witch. It waits until the victim is asleep and then it feeds off their blood. Usually it will leave the victim alive, but they will quickly fall ill and then die if they do not drink the spit of the Shtriga (the only cure).




Werewolf Everyone knows the lore behind the Werewolf. In the Kamlyn Paige novels the werewolf can be taken down by silver piercing its heart. Once this happens, the werewolf changes back into its human form. These creatures have superhuman strength and abilities and often hunt alone.




DhjzsCN Human possession is a huge part of the Kamlyn Paige series and will continue to be an issue Kamlyn has to deal with. The possessed have all black eyes, suffer great pain, cannot control their bodies, and seem badly wounded and beaten. The demon inside them can assess others feelings and thoughts to use it against them. Demons love to get inside your head, twist things around, and then lie to manipulate people.



djinn Djinns are inherently evil beings in the Kamlyn Paige series, but one has broken from the Darkness and works as an instructor within the Chamber of Darkness’s Headquarters. In the series, the Djinn have the same black body tattoos and piercing ice-blue eyes, but their skin is translucent revealing swirling blue smoke underneath. They can change their form to a cloud of blue smoke and can shoot blue light from their hands to destroy others.


ghost Ghosts also play an important role in the Kamlyn Paige novels. They are the most common hunting jobs she faces along with possessions. They are neither of the Light or the Darkness-they are one of the few neutral beings in the series. One works as a Department head in the Chamber of Darkness’s Headquarters while Kamlyn is in training there.



And those are the creatures & beings of the first installment in the Kamlyn Paige novel, Broken Angel. It will be released in eBook and Paperback on Amazon Friday, February 26th, so don’t miss it! This supernatural thriller will get your blood pumping and your nightmares crawling.


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