Character Inspiration for Broken Angel

Kamlyn Paige


cropped-earth-angel-thumbnail-official1.jpgThe star of the book herself, Kamlyn Paige. I have always used this photo as my inspiration for her, as well as the girl on the cover of Earth Angel (Book #2 in the Kamlyn Paige series) that was specially designed by Bespoke Covers. Kamlyn is a young woman who got pregnant just weeks after graduating high school and was abandoned by the father, who went on to pursue his own dreams. Her parents promised to help, but before the baby was born they were in a fatal car accident. For five years Kamlyn raised Danny Paige on her own with only the help of her best friend, Cara. When Danny was taken from her too, she no longer had anything to live for…except revenge. She joins the Council of Darkness as a Huntsman to track down the inhuman creature who murdered her son and make sure it never kills another innocent child again.


Cara Bellamy

Cara The Yin to Kamlyn’s Yang, Cara has been her best friend since the first grade. She’s been there for Kamlyn through everything and helped her raise her son when no one else would. Though she does not play a large role in Kamlyn’s adventure to the Council of Darkness or in her training to be a huntsman, she is still important to Kamlyn and will have larger roles in later novels in the series.





Don Vander

Don2 Don is the mysterious man who showed up to Danny’s funeral whom Kamlyn had never seen before. When she breaks down in front of her house he’s there to lift her up and also reveal to her a world she never knew existed. He gives her something no one else could, a way to have her revenge. As a huntsman and member of the Council of Darkness, Don sponsors Kamlyn as a new recruit and ushers her into the depths of a new and dangerous underground world.





Ryker Alexander

Ryker Stetson 2Ryker is the quintessential bully. He has money, status, and he’s a descendant of huntsmen on both his mother and father’s side. He’s been training for the day he could prove his worth to the Council of Darkness since he was five-years-old. He is also a firm believer that only descendants should be allowed to train as Huntsman, as it had always been. It’s the first year the Council is allowing non-descendants in to train due to the ever growing threat from the creatures of Darkness. As a result, Kamlyn becomes his number one target. He’ll stop at nothing to get her thrown out of the training group.




Holly Everest

olive everest 2Holly is the only other non-descendant in the training group, though many don’t know because they think her Godmother, who is a Huntsman, is her real mother. She reveals the truth to Kamlyn about her heritage and they instantly become friends and allies in training.





Eleanor Buhari (The Head of the Council of Darkness)


Nancy Wilson

Eleanor is not like all the previous heads of the Council. She did not start her career off as a Huntsman, but in the Records Department. Her father was the the Head of the Council of Darkness in Africa as was his father before him. She is very smart, cunning, perceptive, and tougher than she looks. She becomes a guide post for Kamlyn through her training, someone she can confide in with honest and whom she trusts wholeheartedly.




David Yu

The Weapons Instructor

David is the Weapon’s Trainer at the Council.








Atticus Magee and Achilles Magee

The twinsThe twins are in Kamlyn’s training group and fully support her being there despite not being a descendant. They provide her with humor when it’s needed most and helps her to deal with Ryker and his bully friends.




These are the characters I have written about so far in Broken Angel (Book #1 in the Kamlyn Paige series). Look for it next month on Amazon! Until then, check out some of my other novels that are available now on Kindle and in paperback! Just click the book cover and it will take you straight to its page on Amazon. Thanks for checking out my character inspiration!

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