My Writing Journal: Week One of Writing Broken Angel

Alex Apostol’s Writing Journal



Week One


Day 1 (Jan 09, 2016): Word Count- 3,199 My husband’s mother took the baby so I had the house all to myself today! It took a while for me to get going. I was feeling lazy and the first chapter was a little difficult to get out, but I got it done and a bit of the second chapter, too.

Day 2 (Jan 10, 2016): Word Count- 6,089 Today’s writing was great. It flowed a lot better than yesterday. I think it might have been difficult for me to imagine what it would be like for a mother to go to her own child’s funeral. I honestly can’t imagine the extent of that pain, but I hope I represented it closely through Kamlyn Paige.

Day 3 (Jan 11, 2016): Word Count- 0 Third day and I already took a break! I was feeling extremely lazy. I took a two hour nap when the baby went down and I laid in bed after she went to sleep at 7pm and watched TV. I didn’t even read, which I usually do for an hour or so after I write.

Day 4 (Jan 12, 2016): Word Count- 2,563 I’m finding that writing is easiest for me when it’s done at night after the baby lays down. It’s either the change I’ve made to the time of day I’m writing or the fact that I truly love these characters that is making the writing process easier. Having it outlined in such detail certainly helps me too. It’s good for me to know the direction the story is headed.

Day 5 (Jan 13, 2016): Word Count- 3,662 I think that’s the word count for the day at least. I know it was over 3K. Writing was good. I did half in the late afternoon and half of it at night. I’m 100% convinced now that writing is better for me at night before bed. I’m more focused for some reason. I guess I’m not as distracted by the internet and my phone since everything seems to quiet down after dinner in the social world.

Day 6 (Jan 14, 2016): Word Count- 3,958 It was a good writing day as I far as I can tell in my writing diary at the back of my Novel Notes Writing Journal, but I didn’t write anything as far as why it was such a good day.

Day 7 (Jan 15, 2016): Word Count- 1,269 I was just not feeling it tonight. I don’t know why. All I wanted to do was read. I basically had to force myself to get this many words down. I think it’s because the book I’m reading (1Q84 by Haruki Murakami) is getting so weird and good that it’s hard for me to focus on my own work. I don’t know if anyone else gets that way when they’re writing their own book and also reading someone else’s awesome book. It’s good for inspiration sometimes, but bad for productivity.

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