Research is a Bitch

Image result for research for booksIf you’re a writer like me then you’re probably no stranger to doing some heavy research for your books. I’m currently in the process of researching supernatural beings for my Kamlyn Paige series and it is so many things! For one, it’s  time consuming.

In today’s age of self-publishing, authors are in a hurry to get their next book out before the reading world forgets about them. It’s the curse of the indie author. But the age old saying of “quality over quantity” should never be forgotten. Readers can be unforgiving over inaccuracies, even in make believe creatures and beasts. That’s why I’ve been pouring over websites, books, and Wikipedia to make sure I know everything I can about Demons, Mermaids, Werewolves, Angels, Giants, and more. It’s time consuming, but in the end I think it will bring a great quality to my series that the readers will appreciate.

Research is also a great way to put some new information currency in your knowledge bank. I’m learning so many new aspects about the supernatural world that I can now carry on debates and conversations with fans and can even be considered an “expert” in the genre. Learn all you can about what you’re writing and readers won’t have room to doubt that you know your stuff.

How I organize my research used to be kind of a mess, but now it’s easy to sift through. I’m using one of my Novel Notes Writing Journals and am using extra loose leaf paper for what I can’t fit in there. These pages are either tucked into my Novel Notes or in my folder binder for the series. This way everything is right there at my fingertips when I am writing and can’t remember if it’s ogres or giants that eat people.

That’s all I’m doing, for hours on end, late at night when I’d rather be reading, for my next book. Leave you research tips and tricks in the comment box for others and me (I can always use the help!) Happy researching, writers!

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