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Book Review: “Cold-Hearted” by Serena Valentino

This was a great addition to the villain series that fit perfectly into the overall story. I read the Cruella story before this, and as good as it was I feel it didn't fit as well. This had more to do with the story of the fairies and the Odd Sisters where Cruella did not. I really thought the explanation for Cruella's jade earrings that seemed to make her crazy would be answered in this book because on the cover Lady Tremaine is wearing the same jade earrings. In the book Jade earrings were never referenced, but she does wear a jade brooch that was said to be cursed pirate treasure when her husband bought it for her. I'm guessing it was a part of the same pirate treasure and if they do a Captain Hook villain book in the future we might finally have that mystery figured out. Those are just my theories.