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Book Review: “The Winter of the Witch” by Katherine Arden

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This trilogy has quickly skyrocketed to my top three series list, right there with Harry Potter and Outlander. I absolutely loved the old Russian folklore brought to life by the beautiful writing of Katherine Arden! Set in the 1300s in Russia, she described this far off foreign land vividly and I felt as if I were there amidst the chyerti and battles.

Vasilisa is the main character and she has been such a great one from the beginning of the story in book one when she was just a young girl. Now, in the final chapter, she is a grown woman though often disguised as a boy. She has come on such a long journey of self-discovery through this trilogy and it didn’t disappoint when the book was over. I felt like she was a close friend or sister to me! And I was in love with her horse, Solovey.

In this final book in the trilogy, everything is coming to a head. All the loose ends for saving Russia’s traditions and chyerti from destruction meet in the middle and Vasilisa is the only one who can do it. There are thrilling parts, lovely parts, and sad parts, but in the end I walked away feeling good about where the story concluded and how Katherine wrapped everything up. This series is one I’m recommending to everyone and one that I could read again and again!

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