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Book Review: Namesake by Adrienne Young

Five Stars for Namesake by Adrienne Young!

I have to be honest when I say I only bought Fable #1 because the cover was too beautiful to not own and #2 everyone on my Instagram was buzzing about it. I’m a sucker for all things redheads and this cover spoke to me. When I saw the sequel fit together with the first book I decided I had to have it. I liked Namesake so much more than Fable. The first book was a good introduction to the Fantasy pirate world and the characters but I’m not big on the overly obsessive crushes and romances YA fiction often has. Namesake had way less of this and way more thrilling adventures. I loved that a lot of the second book also unraveled Fable’s family history. Now that’s the kind of stuff I can get into. This is the first time I’ve read an Adrienne Young book and I do really like her writing style. She’s descriptive in a unique and almost poetic way. Throughout reading I felt the book was an escape from reality. I could picture Jeval and the other pirate ports and the water and the ship and the gems. It’s a really creative world Young has built. I cannot tell if the story will continue or not, it could go either way. If she does come out with more I will read more for sure!

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