Book Review: “Fable” by Adrienne Young

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Fable by Adrienne Young

I have to be honest when I say I picked up this book really not knowing much about it and having never read any of Adrienne Young’s books before. But I kept seeing it everywhere on Instagram and the cover was too beautiful for me not to own it. I went in knowing very little. I knew it was YA and it was about pirates. That’s all. I haven’t read a YA novel in quite some time so it was a little hard to get back into that mindset. I’ve been reading a lot of historical fiction, so very different. It took me at least 25-40% of the way through the book to really get into it.

There was not enough scenery description for me to actually envision Jeval and Dern and the places she went. Even the ship. There was also very minimal character description beyond hair color, scruff, and occasionally skin color. I’m a reader that likes a lot of detail to be immersed.

The story itself was a good one. When it was to the point where it looked like Fable was actually going to find her dad I was into it and ready to see that play out. I was not so much into the romance part of the story. I think if there had been a little more depth to the characters then I would have been more excited to read it. I did enjoy it, though, especially toward the end, and I will be picking up Namesake to continue the story when it comes out.

For those of you that don’t know what Fable is about the story follows a teenager named Fable. At fourteen she was abandoned by her pirate father on a dangerous island the day after her mother went down with his ship (great guy, eh? Why she would even want to find him is beyond me). For two years a ship crewed by equally aged teenagers came into port and bought gems from her, which she dives to the bottom of the ocean to recover. This crew has helped to keep her alive. Otherwise she would have starved to death there on Jeval, the pirate island. She has saved her coin and finally at eighteen she has enough to pay for passage to find her father. The ship that takes her is the same teenage crewed ship that’s been buying from her. Not to give too much away but they have some adventures as they stop on an island called Dern and then make their way to Ceros where her father is doing business with his ship empire. She has come for her inheritance, a spot on his crew. The entire time I was reading I was like “WHY? WHY WOULD SHE WANT TO CREW FOR HIM?” I think if I were in her position and he did to me what he did to her, I’d rather starve to death than work for that man, but that’s just me. Because of this I found it hard to relate to Fable.

The book was worth a read, and I do think if you are more in the YA novel/teenager mindset it would be a fast-paced, action-packed pirate read for something different!

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