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Book Review: “The Rules of Magic” by Alice Hoffman

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This was such a great prequel to Practical Magic. I have only seen the movie and have yet to read the book. I wanted to read these in chronological order starting with Maria’s story in Magic Lessons and then the aunt’s story in this one. I am so glad I chose to read it this way because it made it all the more special. I really liked the aunts’ stories. Both were so unique in their paths with love and with their personalities. They were not what I was expecting from watching the movie, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

The story follows Franny and Jet, the two aunt’s from Practical Magic, when they were children. We learn they had a brother as well who has an interesting story! He has such great development over the course of the book. And the author came up with a great reason why we never saw him in Practical Magic. The setting is mostly in the 1960s and a bit in the 70s in New York City and also the famous Owens family home is Massachusettes. Their own aunt lives there alone and they end up visiting one summer and it changes their lives! The three siblings were raised to deny their magic, but at the Owens family home they get to embrace it. They meet another distant cousin of theirs and her daughter, Regina, plays a big role in Practical Magic’s main character’s story, Sally and Gillian, but I try not to give spoilers. Everyone in the Owens family has trouble with love and Franny, Jet, and even Vincent are no different. This is the focus of the book and it’s done so wonderfully.

I love the author’s use of descriptions. She doesn’t drone on or go overboard, but she gives just enough to let your imagination run wild. She’s very talented, that’s for sure!

I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves; witchy reads, family drama, romantic stories, or the Practical Magic stories!

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  1. Yeah, there’s this one about the aunt’s and Magic Lessons about Maria, and there’s a rumor she’s writing a fourth book that happens after Practical Magic and follows Sally’s daughters. I’m excited! These books are so good!

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