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Fan Fiction: Do You Read it?

Tis the season for Harry Potter (Halloween, Christmas, end of July, all year really). But I decided to make my way through the movies hoping to get my five-year-old daughter interested. It’s been quite a while since I immersed myself into the Wizarding World, a few years actually, and I didn’t realize just how much I missed it! I decided today to listen to all the instrumental soundtracks while I went about my work day. Occasionally, I’ll take a stroll around the back parking lot to stretch my legs and get some fresh air (because our tiny office with no light and no window depresses me to no end on that level). It was on one of those morning walks with the HP harps and chimes playing softly in the background of my left ear that I got a brilliant idea! (You always think your ideas are genius and brilliant when you first have them, don’t you?) I was greatly inspired to write an ongoing series of Harry Potter fan fiction novellas. Without going into too much detail, they would be modern day and they would follow a Ravenclaw girl (because that’s my very own Hogwarts House). The style of writing would be on the same level as J.K. Rowlings in the sense that it would be for young adults, easy to read and age appropriate, but whimsical and magical (just not as…how do you say it? Queen of YA Storytelling level, of course, because who is really? I would do my very best though) I’ve also read many blogs and articles from professionals in the writing world that say fan fiction is a great way to open up your work to more readers. Sure, they read your fan fiction for free but then they might start wondering what else you write and if its as captivating and good. Boom! You’ve got yourself some new fans. At least that’s how I interpret their advice. Anyway, my real question is how many people out there really do read fan fiction? Because I have to admit, I am not one of them. But it interests me. Have you ever read Harry Potter fan fiction and what’s your thoughts on it? Any insight you can give me into this new world of Fan Fiction would be greatly appreciated! Please take my poll below if you have a second to.

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