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Book Review: “Drums of Autumn” by Diana Gabaldon

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Each book in the Outlander series is better than the last, and the first was already fantastic!

This book is different from most of the others in the fact that it is not only from Claire’s first-person perspective. It also follows Roger Wakefield (Mackenzie) and Brianna Randall (Fraser) in the third person. I like that the author chose to write it this way because what’s happening with these other characters that Claire doesn’t get to be present for is very important to the story, but having Claire be first-person makes me feel like I have a special connection with her above all the other characters, like I am her when I’m reading because I can get inside her mind.

The story takes place both in the 1970s and the 1760s and 70s, most both in America, though Roger’s stuff takes place in London and Scotland with Brianna visiting him. I don’t want to give too much away of the story in case you haven’t watched it or read it, but it’s a great convergence of time and characters towards the end.

I love the American history displayed in this novel. There was not much of that in the previous one, with Claire and Jaimie having just arrived. This one is full of American back-country settler knowledge brought to life. The way the author weaves the little details into the story and character’s lives is inspirational for me, as an author. I hope to someday write a historical fiction as magical and enthralling as Diana Gabaldon has done here.

I usually take a break in between books since they’re so big to read something else light and short, but it was really hard for me to do with this one. I wanted to just keep the story going right into the next one!

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