Day 8: It’s Officially Summer!

With the wonderful weather we’ve been having, it’s felt like summer for weeks but now it’s official. Summer is here! This will be a unique summer for us because we are staying with my parents while our new house is being built. That means we have a little less to do, a little less to worry about, and a lot more time to enjoy the season. Some of our favorite things to do in the summer include:

1. Swimming

2. Parks

3. Soccer Camp

4. Drive-in Movie Nights

5. DIY Projects

6. Family Walks

7. Catch up on Reading List

8. Dream about New Home

9. Clean Out Junk (In the home and in myself)

While all our stuff is boxed and packed and at my mom’s and his mom’s and storage, this is the perfect time to clean house so to speak. First task is closets. All our clothes are at my parents’ right now so that makes cleaning out our old clothes an easy one-day task. Charlotte is growing like a weed so I need to bag up her too small items to give to her little cousin and I definitely need to simplify. Too much of a good thing is no good at all, and I have way too many clothes! We are also selling a lot of our Lego “inventory” so we don’t just have money sitting on the shelf when we could be using it for our new house. This summer is all about simplifying for me.

I am also using this downtime to get back in touch with myself, God, my family, and take stock of it all. I want to improve my relationships, learn to love others better, recognize my flaws and improve on myself, accept my quirks and imperfections, applaud myself for my creativity and talents, and dig deeper into who I am. I want to envision what the best version of me is this summer and then go after that.

10. Invest Time in our Businesses

What are your plans for Summer 2020?

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