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New eBook Cover Designs for the “Chronicles of a Supernatural Huntsman” Series

I redesigned the covers, using the same cover photos, to make the series a bit more unified. This is the first book in the series, Broken Angel, and the third book in the series, Hunted Angel.

Another awesome announcement is that I have chosen to make “Broken Angel” permanently FREE! It will be available through Kindle, Nook, Apple Books, Kobo, and more! Hope you all enjoy this great deal and if you pick it up and read it, please leave a review for me! It means so much to us authors to hear what our readers think of our hard work and the characters we love so dearly.

Not only will Broken Angel be available through multiple digital channels, but I am working on getting all my eBooks out there to Kindle, Nook, Apple Books, Google Play Books, Kobo, and more so that everyone (whether they have Kindle or not) can enjoy my books. It’s been a great experience being Kindle exclusive for the past few years, but I feel like I need to spread my wings and fly out a little further. I can’t wait!

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