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The Warrior Princess Website has Launched!

As I research and write my first nonfiction Christian book, “Warrior Princess: Claim Your Identity in Christ”, I wanted to start reaching out to women all over the world to encourage them and help them through trials and tough times, or even just daily struggles. I decided the best way to do that was to make a companion website to the book. The Warrior Princess website launched last week and has been a huge success! It makes me so happy to provide somewhere for women to come together and support and encourage one another! Already, the site has blog posts about “The Princess”, “The Warrior”, “The Full Armor of God”, “Warrior Princess in Music: Lauren Diagle”, “Warrior Princess Film: A Wrinkle in Time”, “Redefining Exercise”, “Combating Negative Self-Talk in Kids”, “Warrior Weapon: Prayer Journaling”, and more! We are going to try to keep up with posting a few posts a week to keep the encouragement fresh and exciting. This is an exciting time for women, but we need to stay alert and strong in the Lord!

Check out Warrior Princess and all its encouragement today!

CLICK HERE or go to

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