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Newest Release: My Riding Journal

This is the ultimate journal for horse owners, leasers, lovers, and riders. If you’re like me, you like to keep track of everything so you can look back on it. Now you can track your time spent with your best friends, your horses! There are index pages for your horses, your tack, horse health, daily horse behavior, and more. Also, keep records of competitions and events you enter and your cash winnings. Track your riding progress in detail and set goals with the lesson, trail ride, and arena pages. There’s so much to do with this journal, you’ll always want to have one with you in the barn!

The inspiration behind the journal: My little nugget, Blue.

Blue is a 19-year-old 14.2hh Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse I started leasing in December. He has already taught me so much and I like to think I’ve taught him a little something too. Even though he has some years on him and is tiny, he has plenty of get-up-and-go. He’ll break right out into a canter from a walk if you ask him and will keep going till you want to stop. My kinda guy! He has many trail miles on him, which is good since there’s 13 miles of trails connected to the barn he lives at. I hope to have many happy memories with this little guy and I plan to record them all in my own copy of “My Riding Journal”.

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