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I SO Need to Start Writing Again!

Hello readers!

I just wanted to put out a quick post, mainly because I’ve been in the bad habit of ignoring my website (all for good reasons, I promise!) I haven’t really been writing much in the ways of manuscripts either the last few months, but I think I’m ready to jump back into it (and for realz this time!) We’ve been undergoing a lot of home projects, making use of the two bedrooms that were until recently occupied by a roommate and the roommate’s son. We set up one for our daughter, who is in love with her one bubblegum pink wall, and we turned the other one into a home office (YAY!). We have a three-monitor desktop computer setup and two laptops, so there is absolutely NO reason why I should be slacking in the writing department right now!

Whenever you hit a slump or even just take a break from your writing, what are the reasons usually and what do you do to fuel your fire for it again?

I appreciate all comments and advice!

2 thoughts on “I SO Need to Start Writing Again!”

  1. Sometimes my “day job” just doesn’t leave me time for writing. When I’m on the road with work, my goal is to spend at least an hour or two one evening I’m in a hotel doing some writing. I usually switch back and forth between the types of writing I do when I feel a bit burned out: radio & electronics, Fortean non-fiction (usually related to radio & electronics, but not particularly technical in nature), or fiction. Sometimes I also will focus on a “quick hit”–small successes can fan your enthusiasm. I might spend a weekend cranking out something that is more of a pamphlet or short story than a book. One last thing I did a while back was come up with a cheesy title after seeing a real book with an absolutely outlandish title. I started writing and got a few chapters done before decided I could probably really write a reasonable book with a really unusual title. I never finished it, but it is setting there with a few chapters that were kind of fun to write. Whatever gets things going, writing is a part of who you are and you’ll figure out something that works for you.


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