Happy Birthday, Harry! Celebrating the Boy Who Lived With the Best Quotes

Diagon Alley from the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I wish I lived in an apartment above one of the stores!

There are so many things to love about the Harry Potter series that I can’t pick just one to celebrate his with. I think it is fitting to share my favorite quotes on this special day. Inspired by the Muggle Wall at last night’s midnight release of The Cursed Child at B&N, I’ve included what the quote means to me or my reaction to it. It just goes to show how powerful literature can be in one’s life. Enjoy!

Sirius taught me that my dreams are worth going for, even if there’s not a guarantee that I will succeed.


This one I have to remind myself of constantly. Sometimes you have that one friend that is loyal, true, and always there but dang they have some bite to their words.
This reminds me that I have to stop worrying about the future and live for now.


Everyone has the ability to change if they want to.
A little humor to lighten the philosophical mood. This one is always true for me.
I love this because it almost reminds me of Doctor Sues with the way it rhymes, but it has a very serious undertone.


This applies to every single person’s life as some point. The choice is yours.
I love this quote because it really makes you think. As a writer, I am inside my head more than I am focusing on the real world.
You said it, Sirius. He couldn’t be more right. Nobody is perfect, and nobody is completely evil. There’s a balance we all have to maintain.


I love this quote only because it’s the one I’m not sure if I agree with or not. It keeps me thinking about my beliefs.
A great motivational quote to push through the writing when the royalties are at their lowest.
You never know what is going on inside someone else’s head, so don’t pretend like you know. (At least that’s how I take it from a muggle perspective.)
Hermione not only taught me that reading is sexy and being smart is cool, but also that loyalty is one of the best qualities a person can have.
I absolutely love this quote from Sirius. Someone who knocks others down to feel superior is not someone I want to have in my life.
You might be the best at something, but if you make poor choices then none of that matters.
Very true. I fear the unknown above all, but then I go back to Sirius’s quote about taking risks and all feels right in the world again.
Hagrid is such a great character. I love this quote because it embodies how I would love to live my life, with no worry for the future. Why worry about what you can’t change?
This one always makes me think of election time (in our muggle world)
Ginny started off so quiet and shy and then she really came into her own. When the going got tough, she got tougher.


I love Mr. Weasley’s cooky way of looking at things he does not understand. He’s so curious.
A bit straightforward and blunt, but you gotta give it to Snape, he knew how to keep his emotions in check through everything. That’s a hard thing to achieve.
This is a fun quote, because it seems so simple. But when you think about it, these words can be awfully useful in dark “emotional” times.
Luna is brilliant.
Being a Ravenclaw, this is by far one of my favorite quotes.
This one always makes me laugh.


And two that are funny, although they are not from the book.   25-Funny-Harry-Potter-Quotes-1-Harry-Potter-Quotes-Funny

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