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Book Review: “Sky in the Deep” by Adrienne Young

I am such a huge fan of historical pieces, especially about people who live in communities like the Vikings did. They’re so ancient, they have so many legends that they’re almost myths themselves now. I was weary about this one only because I have a love/hate relationship with YA novels. I love how they’re written usually and the stories they tell, but I am not a fan at all of when they make the female character smitten, lovestruck, and hopeless for a guy, obsessive really. It’s such a huge book turnoff for me. There was a little of that in Fable by this author but then Namesake (the second book in that series) was better about it. When I read this was her first debut novel I had no idea which way it would go.

Right away I got sucked into the Viking world. Eelyn was such a tough, family loyal seventeen year old that I couldn’t help loving her and her little village of friends and family. This story really was more about family dynamics than love. Of course, there was love in it but Eelyn fights it for most of the novel and when it happens I actually wanted it to happen! It wasn’t gushy, it wasn’t forced, it wasn’t the center of the story, it just was meant to happen so I was happy when it did.

It’s hard to tell you all I really loved about the book without giving huge spoilers away. I’ll just say I was very surprised this was her first book (after reading her latests first) because it was so well written and engaging. The descriptions were beautiful and put you in Eelyn’s Viking world. The dialogue was natural and oftentimes I got teary-ryed, especially at reunions.

The thing I love most about YA is all the fanart that people make. This is just how I pictured Eelyn!

If you haven’t read Adrienne Young I would start with this one! It was so enjoyable and I’ll definitely be picking up the next one, which I hear takes place a decade after Sky in the Deep.

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