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Day 11: Hamilton on Disney+

This is not going to be an in depth scholarly review of the Broadway play, Hamilton, that premiered on Disney+ today. I won’t give spoilers (can you spoil history? I’m in favor of no…no you cannot). But I do give my honest opinion that it’s most certainly worth the watch and I now want to see it live (with Lin as Hamilton).

I just finished watching the 3 hours of Hamilton on Disney+. Before we started I thought we would only do half because it was so long but we couldn’t stop! The hip-hop, rap, and lyrics were so impressive. Lin Emmanuel Miranda is definitely a word genius.

The production looked amazing. I was worried it wouldn’t look good on film, but it really did.

The cast was perfect. The man who played Lafayette and Jefferson had me laughing so much. If only that were really Jefferson. You just have to watch it to know what I mean. The whole time I kept turning to my husband and saying, can you imagine if this is what they really were like? If this is how it happened? Maybe if the state of the nation included rap battles I’d be more inclined to watch it. I also, and of course, absolutely positively loved Jonathan Groff as King George. Too funny! And his voice is incredible.

This play had it all. I laughed, I almost cried, I maybe learned something? I can’t tell. But I definitely enjoyed it. (And I will be reading the biography that inspired it soon. Picked it up on a Kindle sale!)

So, like I said, worth the watch and more!

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