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Review of "The Lost Queen" by Signe Pike

I want to start by exclaiming “Oh man! What a wonderful book!”

I want to comment quickly on how the book looks. I bought the hardcover and it has uneven frayed edges to the pages and great font for a medieval historical novel and a wonderful cover. Both versions of the cover are really great for the story actually. It felt old in my hands, even though it was a new book.

I have to admit that the first 100 pages I was not into the story. The main character, Langoureth, was only ten and it seemed rushed and a bit confusing and there wasn’t enough scenery description for me to really get into it. But I kept reading and I’m SO glad I did.
The story jumps from when she was ten all the way to when she was fourteen and goes through another year or so of her life at that age. I don’t want to include spoilers, but that’s when the romance buds and complications arise, making the story really interesting and dramatic. The main character, Langoureth, is supposedly the twin sister to the man who inspired Merlin from Arthurian literature. This intrigued me and I did some extra research while I was reading, which immersed me even more in the story. (The author also gives great suggestions in the back of the book for extra reading on the subject that I just might have to take her up on.) The third part of the book jumps again to when Langoureth is in her 30’s, children of her own, and on the brink of a heartbreaking war. I am so glad this novel is only the first in a trilogy because I cannot wait to read the next one and see what happens to this Lost Queen and her strange and endangered family. Not only has this revived my love of historical Scotland, but it has also piqued my interest in Arthurian literature again. I read Mists of Avalon about ten years ago but have not read any of that genre since. Now I want to read it all! I am anxiously awaiting the second book in this series, which isn’t meant to come out until September.

I highly recommend it! Five Stars!

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