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Cover Reveal of Wayfare Angel (book 4)

I have been working hard for the last month to get Wayfare Angel written. Thanks to the motivation of NaNoWriMo I have completed 56k words so far and plan to add at least 20k more before it’s finished, and that’s just the first draft! The shutterstock image I chose for the cover, I’ve had saved for a very long time, knowing it was the perfect one for this story.

***Spoilers*** If you haven’t read the first three books!

When we left Kamlyn Paige at the end of Hunted Angel, she had just escaped the Chamber of Darkness, now run by deranged new Head, Reinhardt Deitricht. He has been capturing rogue Huntsman, pumping them full of Dark creatures and beings blood, and transforming them into monstrous bounty Huntsmen. She found Cara chained up in their dungeon, unconscious and unable to be awoken. When Kamlyn escaped with Cara, she met with her friends at a portal in her hometown to find the first of her many half-siblings in an attempt to convince them to join the side of Light against their fallen angel father, Tamiel. This is where Wayfare Angel begins. They step through the portal out of the human world of earth and into the realm of witches, dragons, fairies, and so much more in a kingdom called Arianthe. The queen allows them to stay with her in her amazing ice palace. She and her brother, who is the commander of the Arianthe army, are both Kamlyn’s half-siblings and both have acquired one power from Tamiel; the queen the ability to manipulate the weather and Alexander, her brother, the power to effect people’s emotions with a touch. There is much character development, not only in the main characters, but also the side ones that really make the story the fun fantasy it is. Kamlyn has to learn these new abilities, while her newfound half-brother Jake struggles to embrace his human form after being a dog for 26 years, Don and John search for someone who can wake Cara up from the curse put on her by the Chamber’s Head, Ryker learns to bond with a new animal that could prove useful in their oncoming war, and Holly learns more about her parents and who she really is. That’s where I’m at in the story. Stay tuned for more soon!

So, here it is! The much anticipated cover reveal of Wayfare Angel, book 4 in the Chronicles of a Supernatural Huntsman series!

I love this photo so much! It works so well with the story’s theme of Kamlyn traveling to new realms to find her half-siblings. The text font, size, shadowing, and color are uniformed with the previous three covers. I like how it turned out, but was a wee bit disappointed with how the portal’s light washes out “A Kamlyn Paige Novel” and “Book 4” somewhat. I would love your feedback on the eBook cover! Leave a comment. It would be much appreciated!

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Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Alex Apostol

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