More Character Inspiration for DEAD SOIL: A Zombie Novel by Alex Apostol coming this October

Dan Anderson

Dan Anderson

Dan is from northwest Indiana, but moved to Chicago to pursue his dream of becoming a famous DJ. He’s only brought back to his hometown after a series of unfortunate events leading up to the apocalypse.

dr hyde

Dr. Hyde

He runs the medical research department at the local university.

Allison Murphy

Allison Murphy

She works with Christine Moore at the law firm in Chicago. She is Christine’s mentor and best friend, though they are wildly different from each other.

Carolyn Bock

Carolyn Bock

She lives in the same building at Christine Moore and Liam Scott, the apartment above them. She has a long standing crush on Luke Benson and works in the HR department at the local steel mill.

Jerry Middleton 2Jerry Middleton

Jerry Middleton

The inspiration for him is basically any white haired older gentleman with a nasty scowl face. Jerry lives on the first floor of the apartment complex. When the apocalypse starts his favorite pass times is sitting on his patio and shooting zombies.

Mr. Shale

Mr. Shale

He is Christine Moore’s boss and senior partner at the law firm in Chicago. It is because of his relentless work ethic that the entire office falls during the apocalypse.

the shermans

Ralph, Sally, and Lilly Sherman

He is the young married man, only twenty-two and fresh out of the Army, who lives on the second floor of the apartment complex, across from Liam and Christine. He works as a cable installation technician. Sally is Ralph’s wife and the mother of his baby girl, Lilly. She is a stay-at-home mother and a caregiver to her own mother, Marianne Dunbar, who lives on the first floor of the complex.

Marriane Dunbar

Marianne Dunbar

Sally’s mother. Often times, the responsibility of checking in on Marianne in the morning falls on Ralph, where she forces him to drink tea with her.

Ronnie Conrad

Dr. Ronald (Ronnie) Conrad

He is Liam Scott’s co-worker at the university and also one of his dearest friends. A Boston born family man with a witty personality and sense of humor.

Sylvia Goldsteinben goldstein

Sylvia Goldstein

lives in the apartment complex and is seeking out friendship with Christine due to a bad double date that Liam set up with her and her husband, Ben. Sylvia owns a clothing boutique in downtown Valparaiso, IN.

Ben Goldstein

Sylvia’s husband and lives on the first floor of the apartment complex with her. Happily newly married to Sylvia, Ben keeps her satisfied with the money he makes in accounting.


Debbie and Colt Hansen

They live on the third floor of the complex next to Carolyn Bock. Colt is very abusive and only backs down when confronted with Carolyn’s threats or the police.

Lonnie Lands

Lonnie Lands

He’s claimed himself leader of the group of wanderers in the Dune State Park. He’s fresh out of Army boot camp, inspired to join by his friend Ralph’s success, and has a know-it-all attitude that just might get everyone killed.

Olivia Darling2

Olivia Darling

She is seventeen and was about to start her senior year of high school when the apocalypse happens. She runs into the woods by herself, looking for someone, anyone, to team up with for survival.

zack kran

Zack Kran

He owns a comic book store in downtown Chesterton, IN. He lives in the apartment complex on the second floor and is close friends with Liam Scott.


And finally Mr. Alexander

He lives in the building next to everyone else. Christine takes a liking to watching his rummage through the dumpster as a zombie since she has nothing else better to do while locked up in the apartment.

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