Praise for Earth Angel

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“The subject matter and depth of it in each book keeps you intrigued. It begins with a somewhat somber but at the same time adventurous story. As each book progresses it gets deeper into the subject of other beings sharing our world, unknown to us of course. As Kamlyn travels through each book, she learns more about herself and what seems to be driving her existence. Her loss of her young son is heartbreaking and something every mother could identify with as the nightmare her life becomes. This is for readers who are deep thinkers and emotionally sound who delve into the possibilities of the supernatural. Its a great read if you can keep your balance through it. I can see this could upset readers with recent loss and uncertainty of what comes after death. This author must be exceptionally sensitive to go into such depth. I look forward to the next book.” – Mary T on February 5, 2021