“The cover of this book caught my eye. After I read the story I found the dark colors suited the main characters life. If you like paranormal, check this book out.”

-Kindle Verified Customer, Earth Angel Review

Praise for Earth Angel

“I read Dead Soil a while back and loved it. The characters in the original story had depth, but the Dead Beginnings series starts to look at those characters in even more detail during the days leading up to and the first few days of the Zombie Apocalypse. This is done in a way that creates a story that can stand alone or be read as part of the series. (Although I suspect that if you read this first, you will almost certainly want to dive into Dead Soil next. I enjoyed reading it and would not hesitate to recommend it.”

-Kindle Verified Customer, Dead Beginnings Volume 1 Review

Praise for Dead Beginnings

“The characters Hailey and Triss are beautifully drawn. The author has a freshness in her writing which makes the characters alive and relatable. Overall the book is fun and light yo read. Loved every bit of it.”

-Kindle Verified Customer, Girls Like Us Review

Praise for Girls Like Us