Day 6: Just Say Yes

It's summer (not officially, but it's here). It's a time for fun in the sun and flexibility of schedules, for catching fireflies and going to a drive in movie on a whim. But lately I've been feeling like a bum mom. A real dud.


Day 5: My Crazy World

So much for a daily journal. I'm lucky if I have time to sit and write in this thing once a week! Oh well. Better late than never. Things have been so crazy in my the whole world in general, really, but I've been very busy personally. Here's a little digest of all that's been happening this week:


Day 4: In Light of Looting…

In light of all the looting, rioting, and destruction going on in almost all towns across the nation right now, I wanted to take a moment to show some encouragement and support for my hometown of Valparaiso, Indiana. I know the local mall in the town next to us was looted and there were shootouts and even attempted arson. The Walmart in Valpo closed and barricaded its doors the other night. It's insane. I don't wan to get too far into the politics of it all, but I do not see how anyone can think destroying their hometown is going to fix anything. So, I wanted to highlight my favorite local hotspots in hopes that others will enjoy them and not destroy them.


Day 3: Watermelon Ice Cream and Downtown Hiking

We had a great weekend! (A little late in posting about it, but better late than never. Work's been crazy so far this week.) Friday evening I came home from work and took a nice neighborhood walk with Charlotte, who was all decked out in royal Disney fashion. Aren't five-year-old daughters the best? So much… Continue reading Day 3: Watermelon Ice Cream and Downtown Hiking

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Day 2: Fun with Floorplanner

I discovered a great, free, easy to use home design software and have been going crazy with it. You can check it out at if you like. We are in the very earliest stages of building a new house. So early, in fact, they haven't even started digging yet, but you better believe I've… Continue reading Day 2: Fun with Floorplanner