The Paiges’ Will

Will last updated on August 16, 2007

Dearest Kamlyn,

I’m sorry if you ever have to read this, because that means I’m no longer there for you. It breaks my heart to bare the thought you have to go through so much of your life without your mother, especially with a baby on the way. When we found out you were pregnant, your father and I decided to update our will and set aside money for both you and the baby. If we end up leaving you early, we want you to have the house. It would mean so much to us to have you raise your own baby in the house where you were raised. I’ve arranged for you to receive your college fund early and in the full amount. I understand if you don’t want to go right away as planned due to the baby. Family comes first. You can always pursue your education at a later date, but the time you have with your child is something you can never get back once it’s gone. With that in mind, we would not be disappointed if you decided to use your college fund to be able to stay at home the first year or so with your baby.

We have also set up funds for your baby’s education. This was originally a fund for your future brother or sister, but seeing as your father and I couldn’t conceive a baby after you were born, it only makes sense for the money to go to your baby. He or she should be covered for basic schooling, whether you decide to go public or private. You should have more than enough for either one. There is also a college fund equivalent to your own. The lawyer should explain it all to you, but I felt I should do my part as well. Having a lawyer tell you all this just felt so cold and impersonal to me. I want you to know how much your father and I love you and already love your little baby growing inside you. I know we were in a state of shock when we first found out about your pregnancy, but we couldn’t be happier that you are going to experience the joys of motherhood. It will make you grow up so fast, but there’s no greater happiness for a woman than becoming a mother. And of course, as your mother, I have to pass down my motherly wisdom to you, so here it is…

A newborn should have whatever they want so don’t worry about finding a schedule so early. You two will find your rhythm in time.

Try to sleep whenever the baby sleeps. It’s good for your mental health and will help to keep your stress levels low when the baby is crying in the middle of the night. And don’t forget to take care of yourself. Eat plenty and get out with Cara once in awhile.

Don’t buy a bunch of newborn clothes. They grow out of them so fast. It’s better to put your baby in something too big rather than something too small.

You don’t need to worry about dating or finding a father for your baby right now. I know everyone says a child needs a mother and a father, but I know you. Your baby will do just fine with only you as his or her parent. In the years to come, your baby will meet many valuable male role models. If Rob changes his mind, don’t deny him as much contact with his baby as he wants. He’s still the child’s father. But don’t take him back for that reason only. If he wants to be back in your life, then he needs to work for it and prove his loyalty.

Keep your friends close. They’ll be a great help to you in times of need.

And don’t go crazy with the money we give you. I know you’re not a materialistic person, but just make sure you make it last as long as you can. That’s more time at home with your little bundle.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I just know I’m forgetting so much. It breaks my heart to know so much I have left to teach you will have no choice, but to die with me. You’re a smart, beautiful, driven young woman. I know you’ll be fine on your own and you’ll make a wonderful mother. I just wish I could be there to meet my grandbaby and see you both grow-up. Keep me always in your heart. I love you more than anything. Don’t ever forget that.


Your Mother XoXo

P.S. Your father would like to add a few of his own words.


I don’t know what happens after we die, but wherever I go I know I’ll be missing you. I know your mother covered most everything, but I couldn’t leave without saying my own goodbye to you. We always had our own special bond, you and I. I see so much of myself in you- my focus, my determination, my stubbornness, my somewhat unconventional way of learning and our own special thrive for knowledge. The older you got, the more you became my best friend as well as my only, beautiful daughter. It’s nice to know I’l be able to live on through you and my grandbaby. Don’t forget to take care of the truck and show the baby how to keep up with it, too. Whether it’s a boy or girl, it’s always important they know the basics of handy-work, truck and around the house. Don’t forget all that I’ve taught you over the years. And don’t give up on your dream of being a journalist. You’re a great writer with a real gift. Don’t waste it.

I love you so much and I’m always thinking of you,

Your loving Dad and friend

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