Alex Apostol Equine Art

I’m Alex Apostol and I love horses!

Since I was four years old and my parents stuck me on the back of a mare who took off with me, I’ve been in love with everything having to do with horses. I was the sad girl who entered the horseless horse program in 4-H, drawing up medical posters, just to be involved in something horse-related as a youth! It took thirty years but I finally bought my first horse, Captain, June 2021! My obsession with horses has only grown with him.

Art of every kind has always been a huge part of my life since I was very little. My mother is very artistic so she introduced painting and drawing very early on. During high school I took every drawing, painting, and photography class I could with photography being my biggest passion. I had dreams of being a famous photographer, traveling the world someday. If I wasn’t at school I was most likely locked in my room drawing or painting, or I was out and about Northwest Indiana taking photos. I continued my art education in college, attending Columbia College Chicago for the arts, but my focus had shifted more toward literature. It felt more realistic to me at the time to try to be an author so that is what I have pursued for the last ten years.

I am a published author with over a dozen fiction books and a dozen guided journals that I designed. Though I haven’t specifically written about horses and their owners (yet!) they do seem to find a way into my work. If you read my zombie trilogy, Dead Soil, you will get to know two very special horses to me; my two lease horses Whippy and Blue. I won’t give away which one bolted and threw me, making it hard to walk for two weeks but maybe you’ll be able to figure it out by reading the story! I plan to shift my fiction to more horse-centered themes after I wrap up my current open series.

I’m a believer and I see God working through my life in mysterious and awesome ways, always seeming to bring my heart’s desires into full circle. I now own my dream horse, I write books, and now have also found a way to bless others with artistic gifts of their horses through Alex Apostol Equine Art. I truly enjoy each and every horse I draw, paint, and photograph, even if in some cases I never get to meet them in person. I love all things horses so just getting to capture their likeness brings me great joy in life!

What I Do

Custom Horse Portrait Sketches

Horse Portrait Photography

Custom Horse Portrait Paintings

Write and Publish Fiction and Non-Fiction Books