Want a Book Review or Author Interview?

Something I used to do a few years ago that was popular was review books and share the reviews across my social media. I loved doing it because it felt like I was giving back to my indie author community, supporting others who were trying to make it in this heavily competitive world of books. So, I’ve decided to start it up again! I will also be featuring authors in spotlight interviews, which is a great way to read new readers.

Author Interviews

If you would like a FREE author interview, please email me answers to my questionnaire posted below to writeralexapostol@gmail.com . Be sure to copy and paste the questions into your email before you answer them. All interviews are shared on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (over 7,500 followers!) Once I have reviewed your answers I will email with any follow up questions I have to make it unique for my readers.

Author Interview Questionnaire

  1. Tell me a little about yourself. You can use your author bio or wing it.
  2. What genre(s) do you write in?
  3. Are you traditionally published, independently published, or both?
  4. What made you choose the publishing path you’re on?
  5. Why did you choose to write in the genre(s) you’re in?
  6. When did you first know you wanted to be a writer? (Be sure to include any amusing first writing experience stories here!)
  7. Tell us a little about your writing processes and your writing space/
  8. What are your favorite books to read? (Genre, Series, Titles, Authors, include as many as you like!)
  9. What does marketing look like for you? Are you an avid believer in social media or do you like paid advertisement more? Do you DIY or do you have someone else or a company handle it? (This is for other indie authors to learn from so feel free to go into details!)
  10. If you have to do any research for your books, how do you like to accomplish this? What is your organization of research like? How long do you usually spend on research?
  11. Which of your books is your bestseller and why do you think it is? What do readers say they like about it?
  12. Tell us a little about your latest or upcoming release.
  13. Of all the characters you’ve created, who is your favorite? (I know, it’s like choosing a favorite between kids)
  14. Please provide us with all your social media and website links here!
  15. Please attach in your email an author photo and a cover photo of whichever book of yours you would like to include in the interview article.

How Do I Get My Book Reviewed?

If you’re an indie author like me, you know how a great review can be like gold nuggets! Word of mouth through reviews is how we survive, but gaining reviews can be challenging and expensive, sometimes costing hundreds of dollars if your book is even accepted to be reviewed. It’s crazy! That’s why I decided to start reviewing indie author’s books again.

I do ask that you make a donation for the upkeep of this site and for the time in reading and writing a review takes. The amount is completely up to you! Anything is appreciated greatly.

Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Email me at writeralexapostol@gmail.com about your interest in having your book reviewed.
  2. Once that’s done you have some choices on how you would like to send me your book. You can claim a sale on Amazon and gift it to me or you can email me a pdf or epub copy, whichever you prefer is fine with me.
  3. There will be a link in the email for you to checkout using paypal or your card through paypal, nice and secure. Once that’s done and the book is sent I can get started! If there’s a waiting list (because there’s only one of me and many of you) I will let you know what your position is and update you on that as I make my way through.

Where Do the Reviews Get Shared and How Many People will Potentially See it?

I have been growing my social media presence for years, which is why doing book reviews and interviews for other indie authors was so popular when I did it years ago and why I decided to do it again. Once I have read your book and put together a review I will post it to Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, and my website on its blog. From there, I share my blog review with my followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and my personal monthly newsletter. Author interviews getshared through the same channels aside from Amazon and Goodreads and Bookbub. Those require a book review submission.

That’s over 10,000 fans seeing your book review or interview!

Are There Any Types of Books You Don’t Review?

I do love to read just about anything so I am open to almost any type of book you’ve got for me! These Indie Author Reviews are mainly meant for Fiction work that can be read by a wide general audience, so keep that in mind when submitting.

Here’s a list of books I do not review:

  1. Poetry Books
  2. Collections and Anthologies (because of length)
  3. Overly gore-filled horror (That’s not to say I won’t read horror! But if it is wildly disturbing it probably wouldn’t get a great review from me. I do love a good ghost, zombie, witch, etc story, though!)
  4. LGBT Books
  5. Erotic/Sexual Fantasy Books (I don’t mind a little descriptive love scene here and there such as in the “Outlander” series, but not into overly descriptive sex scenes where it’s the main focus of the book)
  6. Textbooks
  7. Cookbooks
  8. Self-Help Books
  9. Children’s books
  10. Most NonFiction (I do enjoy a good Christian NonFiction, though! If you have a nonfiction you think I might enjoy you can send it, but I only accept nonfiction upon approval)

If you have any more questions not answered here, please feel free to email me at writeralexapostol@gmail.com

I look forward to working with you soon!

– Alex Apostol