August 20, 2013

I tried all night to forget about that man I met yesterday and what he told me, but it’s impossible. Impossible to forget and impossible to be real. As the day wore on, what he said felt sillier and more improbable to me. What I saw in Danny’s room that night started to blur in my memory again and it was easier for me to brush off what Don said as nonsense. But as the day faded away and my room was blanketed in darkness, the image of the thing became crisp again. I could see it’s scraggly black hair swirling around its head as it pierced my ears with its wicked scream. I could smell its stench of rotten food as if it lingered in my nostrils still. Cara came upstairs frequently to check on me, but I wouldn’t open the door and wouldn’t turn on the lights. I just sat there in the dark, believing everything Don said to me again.

I fell asleep for a few short hours, which was a mistake as always. I was thrown back into the night Danny died. Again, I couldn’t do anything to save my son. I fought my way to the hooded demon-figure, but no matter what I did, it was untouchable. Danny was already gone. There was nothing I could do. I woke up in a mixture of sweat and tears just as the sun was creeping in through the curtains. I expected my feelings to return to sanity with the morning light as they had the day before- that Don’s words would feel silly floating around in my head again, but they didn’t. Every single thing he said made sense still.

I know now that I have to see him again. I have to learn more about this to try to understand why it happened to us…to Danny…to me. I have to understand. I’m going to go back to his house today. I hope he’s there. He never told me what he did for a living, if he worked at all.

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