“Phenomenal, I can’t seem to put it down. If I had more time i’d have it read in a day, i’m sure. The book is so capturing. I was especially in love with her creativity with Thaddeus, it was a different feel in a story I’ve not quite experienced before. I love how when I read from Kammy’s perspective, I feel as if I BECOME her. I feel the emotions that the author has instilled within the character. I absolutely love the Kamlyn Paige novels and can’t wait for more!”

-Kindle Verified Customer, Hunted Angel Review

Praise for Hunted Angel

“Alex does a great job of guiding you through building a structure that will help flow and consistency. Even if you don’t fill the whole book out, it will make you think through things you might otherwise not have considered. Helps you incorporate details into your writing that take it to the next level. Would definitely recommend.”

-Kindle Verified Customer, Novel Notes Review

Praise for Novel Notes

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