“I’m a fan of kick-ass heroines who start out as normal women and end up as practically super-heroines, but I’m also very particular and I’m happy to say that this book delivered. I liked Kamlyn and I also liked the school for super-heroes that she attended and I even enjoyed the almost non-existent but slight similarity to Hogwarts, with twists and turns and non-human beings, both bad and good.
I wasn’t sure how to rate it until I was just past the middle, Friday evening in a motel for the weekend without a charger, and my Kindle died. I wanted to scream and spent the rest of the weekend anxiously awaiting getting home and charging my Kindle so I could get to the end, which did not disappoint.
Yep, I’d recommend this book to others out there who like normal-as-apple-pie heroines who end up in kick-ass special forces.”

– Kindle Verified Customer, Broken Angel Review

Praise for Broken Angel

“I started the book after I went to bed. Should have known better. I kept falling asleep and dropping my e-book. Pick it up and start reading again. After about four times I finally gave up. First thing this morning grabbed my book and finished. “

– Kindle Verified Customer, Dead Soil Review

Praise for Dead Soil

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